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Road car casting – construction worker

Road car casting – construction worker

A car was dug up and dumped on a gravel road. Today some activists attacked the Twin Peaks wind power building outside Solvetio.

Cast car. The purpose is to stop the traffic on the road. Photo: Pierre Ranehag/SVT

It’s SVT Västernorrland Like Tells about the protests against the construction of wind energy. It had already started yesterday when a group of people occupied the area. And now a car has been poured, it is unclear when.

SVT points to a website where activists wrote that “in the middle of the road is an amazing Mad Max blocking cement trucks from entering the area.”

The police have been called The place this morning to investigate what happened. They went there to check on some people and see if any crimes had been committed.

The activist group wrote in a press release that they “saw it necessary to focus attention on direct action, and try to put an end to the construction.” The group believes it must prevent the “brutal exploitation of the northern countryside”.

According to SVT, many activists were still at the site at lunchtime. Among other things, there was a person sitting in the buried car. Several others sat on trees in the area.

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