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SD publishes the photo when asked from the national test

“This really disgusts me. Propaganda targeting school children belongs to dictatorships,” Akesson wrote on Twitter.

During the statement, he shared an image representing a question from the 9th grade National History Exam.

The question is: “Social Democrat 2017 debater wrote: Swedish Democrats believe we live in the 1930s. What country might the writer be thinking about since the 1930s? puts through.” And below, one put a cross for the “Germany” option. Other alternatives were France, the Soviet Union, and the United States.

Okesson continues in another tweet: “Why Swedish children are being forced into political indoctrination at school is a question that requires immediate explanation. We will invite the Director General of the Swedish National Education Agency to the Education Committee.”

At the time of writing, Åkesson’s tweet has over 2,600 likes and over 350 shares.

But Anders Baumann, unit director at the National Education Agency, says the issue is taken out of context.

In total, this task consists of nine questions and is related to the students’ gaining an understanding of how political actors use history in their arguments. Among other things, there was a problem with another political actor linking the Left Party with the Soviet Union, says Baumann.

He adds that he says In the Knowledge Requirement, students in Year 9 should have an understanding of how history plays a role in political debate.

– We adults know it happens.

He thinks it is unfortunate that the claim that the National Education Agency will have a political agenda is now spreading.

– I am sorry that this association may be misunderstood by the National Agency for Education. But if you see the whole task, it becomes clear that similar statements have been made by other political parties, Bowman says.

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The National Education Agency’s national tests are rated for several years from the time they are used in schools.

– Sharing or posting parts of a test goes against our regulations, Bowman says, and adds that there’s not much we can do about it in this case, as the question has already been leaked.

Patrick Rislow Member of Parliament and SD Group Leader in the Education Committee. He says the party received the photo as a tip.

– I responded immediately and I think it is serious and unacceptable.

Rislow thinks there is a similar issue that concerns the Left Party “just as badly”.

– To collect the issue in this way, and this is in a political context in which we know that there is this accusation against us, the brown ones. untenable. I can agree that there is a benefit in gaining knowledge of how the different parties relate, but then you can’t have the kind of question that has only one “correct answer”. Then there should be an opportunity for political analysis.

– I do not think that the interpretation of the National Agency for Education is acceptable. They’re trying to save the skin now.

Do you think that political parties should enter and control the way the authorities operate?

– It is clear that you cannot enter and control an authority. But one can set policy guidelines for how to build national tests. We’ve never accepted (if the SD is in government, editor’s note) that tests are built this way, says Reslow.