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Private wife's photos from billionaire's castle party |  the world

Private wife's photos from billionaire's castle party | the world

This weekend, oil billionaire Torbjørn invited Tørnqvist to celebrate his 70th birthday at the exclusive Château de la Croix des Gardes, which Expressen previously reported on.

The castle, also known as Villa Perrier, is the largest private property in Cannes and is valued at just over 1 billion Swedish krona.

A large marquee was erected on the castle premises and security arrangements prevented unauthorized persons from entering so that the 250 invited guests could celebrate in peace.

It seems that the party has met all expectations.

“What a wonderful weekend, happy birthday my love,” Natalia Tornqvist wrote in a video. Instagram stories.

Guest: “A real party”

In the clip, she, her smiling husband, and guests were seen dancing in front of the stage to the tunes of live music.

Afterwards, one of the guests admired Torbjörn Törnqvist's physique.

– It was quite a party. I hope to be in the same shape when I'm 70 years old,” the guest told Expressen.

The oil company Gunvor made Torbjörn Törnqvist a billionaire.

He founded Gunvor in 1997 with Gennadezh Timchenko, a childhood friend and appointed bully of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, Torbjørn Tørnqvist denies all alleged ties with Putin.

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