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Britain launches a crackdown on asylum seekers

Published on 2024-04-28 17.30

British authorities intend to take strict measures against asylum seekers in a “shocking raid” in Britain.

They will then be sent to Rwanda, The Guardian reported.

Britain wants to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. The controversial proposal has been on the government's table for some time, and has been re-discussed and harshly criticized.

Among other things, the British Supreme Court has previously blocked this proposal – despite this, the country's government plans to go ahead with it. This is after they pushed a bill that makes this possible by a small margin.

Now it can Watchman It reveals that the UK Home Office is planning to crack down on asylum seekers in the country as early as tomorrow. They plan to arrest people and then fly them to Rwanda.

Strike meetings

The Guardian newspaper wrote that the operation is taking place several weeks earlier than expected.

Among other things, the authorities intend to detain people who attend scheduled meetings with the British Immigration Agency. This effort must take place across the country. In Scotland, police put themselves on high alert with protests expected.

There are suspicions that they want to carry out the operation before the local elections scheduled for Thursday in England. The reason is supposedly because the country's Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wants to increase his confidence and show that he is keeping his promise to “stamp out illegal immigration.”

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Rishi Sunak said, among other things, that the first flights to Rwanda would take off in “ten to twelve weeks.”

Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Offers money

Earlier this year, the UK and Rwanda signed a new agreement. The reason is that the countries wanted to pass the controversial proposal dealing with the deportation of people seeking asylum in Great Britain to the East African country.

Britain has also put forward a proposal to provide £3,000 – about 40,000 kroner – to asylum seekers who voluntarily move to Rwanda.