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Russia storms the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol

Azovstal is subjected to new attacks.

Russian forces are now attacking steel mills with artillery and aircraft.

The films show how black smoke rises from the site.

After a night of heavy bombing of steel mills in Mariupol Russian soldiers are now trying to storm it. It states many Ukrainian media, including Kyiv Independent.

Russian Ria He writes that they shoot Ukrainian soldiers in steel mills. A RIA reporter at the site reported that artillery fire could be heard from steel mills and that smoke was rising from the site.

France Press agency He writes that Russian aircraft are also taking part in the attack.

The Ukrainian writes that during the night attacks, two civilian women hiding in Azovstal were killed Pravda.

Many civilians are still in steel mills

It was previously reported that about 1,000 civilians were hiding in the tunnels of steel plants. Only a few days ago, an attempt was made to evacuate them from the steel mills.

People climb the rubble at the steel plant in Mariupol.

Azovstal Steelworks in Mariupol.

It is now unclear how many are still employed in the steel mills. On Monday evening, Reuters reported that there were about a hundred civilians.

– I hope there will be another round of evacuation so that the civilians who stayed behind while working can get out. We are talking about 20 children and a hundred civilians, women and elderly people. This is what we included, Deputy Commander of the Azov Battalion Svyatoslav Ballamar told Reuters.

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Steel plants were described as the last Ukrainian stronghold in Mariupol. According to previous information, there are about 2,000 soldiers in Azovstal, as well as civilians hiding there.