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Big Fire at Halmstad Adventureland – VMA Released

Big Fire at Halmstad Adventureland – VMA Released

The fire alarm came out at 20.38 – and it was residents of the area who saw the flames coming out of the building. The business is temporarily closed.

The fire broke out in part of a restaurant, and then spread to more buildings in the area. According to Thomas Anderson, the rescue service's duty officer, eight to ten buildings were involved.

Fire at Halmstad Adventureland

  • Witnesses to the fire at Halmstad Adventureland: 'Smoke could be seen all over the city'

– He says it includes everything from warehouses to large restaurant complexes.

A VMA, an important public notice, has been issued and people in the area have been asked to enter their homes and close doors, windows and ventilation.

There are no reports of personal injuries.

Explosions on site

An SVT correspondent at the scene described a large column of smoke rising over the area, and several explosions were heard.

– There are explosions happening now, which means that the rescue service has had to retreat, says Thomas Anderson of the rescue service at around 10 p.m.

Residents of a nearby multifamily building decided to evacuate the building themselves, and emergency services simultaneously prepared several other properties for possible evacuation due to heavy rainfall at the location. Which later turned out to be unnecessary.

The fire is under control

Just before 1pm on Monday, the fire was under control and the VMA could be lifted.

– The situation is completely under control. No longer a rain of sparks and no danger of spreading. “We are reducing the forces on site,” says Thomas Anderson.

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However, emergency services will remain at the scene throughout the night to monitor.

– Smoke and fires will continue to escalate in the area. But it's starting to rain now in Halmstad, which helps us.

The reason is unknown

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

– When the first alarm came, the fire was already complete. “The police question has to be where did it start somewhere,” says Thomas Anderson.

The police opened a preliminary investigation into the arson.

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A massive fire broke out at Halmstad Adventure Park on Sunday evening. picture: Linus Kamstedt Lindholm