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Morgan Johansson on wife trial: The lies have been spread

Morgan Johansson on wife trial: The lies have been spread

The former minister and his current wife, Emily Johansson, 38, have been a couple for about a year. Soon after the affair became known to the public, Emily Johansson, whose last name was then Carlson, was reported to the police.

She is suspected of data breaches in the security police, which is also where she works.

It is about an illegal protected record search that happened in 2018. Emily Johansson searched for her ex-partner, who also worked for Sabu. She admitted that she did the research, but both sides disagreed as to why.

she says says to GP The search was carried out at the request of the former partner. According to the newspaper, he could be considered its boss at that time. However, this information contradicted the former partner who said that she had acted on her own initiative.

As a result of the affair, Morgan Johansson has been linked to the incident and there has been speculation on social media about his possible involvement.

—it is implied that I should have done something with this, and that as Minister of Justice I would have acted to delay the investigation. These are lies that cannot be allowed to go unchallenged, Morgan Johansson tells GP.

The case against Emily Johansson will be decided in the Solna District Court after the summer.

SVT Nyheter sought out Morgan Johansson, who declined further interviews.

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