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Mette Marit about her illness: “Very hurt”

Mette Marit about her illness: “Very hurt”

The wife of Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon Mette-Marit suffers from Pulmonary fibrosis. It is a chronic disease that causes persistent cough, shortness of breath, and recurrent lung infections.

– It is not easy to live with them, she says in the documentary series “The Crown Prince’s Couple – Norway” on the Norwegian channel TV2.

The Crown Prince couple talk about how Mette-Mariet’s illness affected them in their work.

– You feel very painful when you can’t do everything you want, but I don’t know, it’s hard to talk about, says Mette-Marit.

“Then I get really nervous.”

Husband Haakon says his wife’s illness can make life “somewhat unpredictable.”

– It is a progressive lung disease so I am not getting better and we do not know how effective the medications are. But now I’m in a good period and then I don’t feel so… I don’t know… young, as Mette-Marit says.

However, she now lives “much more calmly” than before she noticed the illness.

– Among other things, I became afraid of climbing hills. It’s about the most ridiculous things. Mette-Marit says: I feel very embarrassed when I breathe a lot, for example into the microphone and so on, and then I feel very nervous.

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