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Half-naked and bound – the men arrested by the IDF |  the world

Half-naked and bound – the men arrested by the IDF | the world

Reports stated that the videos and photos were filmed in Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip CNN And BBC.

The men are kneeling on the ground. They appeared to have been stripped naked, most of them wearing only their underwear. Many cover their faces with their hands.

In another clip, men are shown sitting in a gravel pit with their eyes blindfolded. Soldiers from the Israeli Defense Forces, the Israel Defense Forces, mill around.

Defense spokesman Jonathan Conricus told CNN that the men are “members of Hamas and suspected members of Hamas.” He added that they were stripped of their clothes to ensure that they were not carrying explosives.

According to the BBC, some of the men were later released.

Among the prisoners were soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

picture: Social media

Among those detained is a journalist

Not all of the captured men have been identified, but civilians are presumed to be among them, according to several international media outlets.

Among them is the well-known Palestinian journalist Diaa Al-Kahlot, who works for the Qatari-funded Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed newspaper. His newspaper accused Israel of conducting “aggressive searches and degrading treatment” of civilians, the BBC reported.

Even in a statement issued by Hamas, Israel was accused of “kidnapping, searching and stripping” what was said to be “a group of displaced Palestinian civilians,” CNN wrote.

Jonathan Conricus commented on the journalist’s detention in an interview with today’s news:

– It is possible that among the detainees are civilians. Many of the alleged journalists in Gaza are Hamas members or collaborators and serve as mouthpieces for Hamas. He told the newspaper: “I don’t know specifically if this applies to that so-called reporter.”

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“Baseless lies”

The spokesman also denied the information circulated on social media that Gazans were shot dead.

– These are clearly baseless lies. We never do anything like that. He says: If we have the opportunity to arrest and question someone, we will of course do so to obtain information.

Another Israeli army spokesman, Daniel Hagari, said during a press conference that anyone suspected of having ties to Hamas would be arrested.

– We investigate and verify who is connected to Hamas and who is not. We arrest them all and interrogate them. He says: We will continue to dismantle all these mountains until we finish this.

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