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The International Journalists Syndicate shuts down a pro-Putin union – Arpetet

The work has already told us how the IFJ dispute arose.

There, a member of the Russian Union of Journalists RUJ chose to actively support the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Among other things, the Swedish Journalists Association caused them to see red and threaten to leave the organization if the Russian Federation is not eliminated. Journalists’ unions in the rest of the Nordic countries have already taken action on the matter and requested a withdrawal.

Now the IFJ Executive Committee has made its decision. The Union of Russian Journalists has been suspended pending the next congress of the organization, which is the only body empowered to implement the expulsions.

Broken solidarity

In a press release, the organization stated that the Russian Federation had “broken” its solidarity with its sister federations by consolidating its presence in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

They also defend themselves against criticism that the decision took too long.

“For us, it was important to act strictly against our rules, which ensure that no member becomes a victim of arbitrary abuse of power,” IFJ President Dominic Bradley wrote in a press release.

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