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Denmark will hold a referendum on defense agreements with the European Union

Denmark will hold a referendum on defense agreements with the European Union

On Sunday evening, Frederiksen called a press conference on a partisan agreement on security policy endorsed by the Liberal Party, the Conservatives, the Radical Left and the Socialist People’s Party.

– In the past ten days, the world has changed. Putin’s brutal and absurd attacks on Ukraine heralded a new era for Europe. Europe was one before February 24 and another after that, says Mette Frederiksen and points to the Russian president.

The Prime Minister says so The Danish defense will be greatly strengthened, both in the short and long term. Denmark will increase its defense budget sharply.

– We have jointly decided to allocate seven billion kroner over the next two years to strengthen Danish defense, diplomacy and humanitarian efforts and the consequences that can have for Danish society, says Mette Frederiksen.

Denmark expects the defense budget to account for 2% of the country before the end of 2033 – thus reaching NATO’s defense target for member states.

According to the prime minister, this is the biggest addition to the defense in recent times.

Frederiksen says Denmark will also become independent of Russian gas.

On June 1, Denmark Hold a referendum on the abolition of the so-called defense reservation, which means that the state does not participate in parts of the EU’s foreign and security policy. As it stands now, Denmark does not participate in or finance EU military operations, nor does it contribute troops to EU-led operations in conflict areas.

Liberal Party leader Jacob Ellmann says the agreement is historic.

We send a clear signal to Putin that in the free world we are united and ready to fight for freedom and peace.

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