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You can soon take a tram over the Little Lidingö Bridge – News

On 26 May, trams in Lidingö are scheduled to serve Ropsten again. But first, empty trams will run the Lilla Lidingöbron train on a trial basis from May 17 to 25.

In February, Stockholm Region and the City of Lidingö jointly decided on the measures to be implemented in order to start installing the track on the Lilla Lidingö Bridge. The new tram bridge has double tracks between Ropsten and Torsvik, to cope with increased travel in the future and to be able to offer more frequent trips with the Lidingö line.

– We and the city of Lidingö were keen to start the tram movement over the bridge and worked hard together during the spring to put everything in place. “I'm very happy that we are now facing the start of traffic,” says David Lagneholm, head of traffic management for the Stockholm region.

Test drive without passengers from May 17 to 25

Before passengers can board, the track system on the Lilla Lidingö Bridge must be tested. This includes testing the signaling system, switches, barriers and power supplies.

Auditions will be conducted from May 17 to 25. Pedestrians and cyclists are alerted to passing tram traffic and barriers are lowered at the track crossing in Torsvik. The stairs leading to the platform and the walkway will be completely closed during the trial run period.

Starting May 26, you can take a tram across the bridge

If all goes according to plan during the trial period, passengers will be welcome to travel by tram all the way to and from Ropsten from 26 May.

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But for safety, the replacement buses will run in parallel until May 31.

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