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Magnet hunters found safes containing Tim Sommerlath’s passport

Published on 2023-12-08 20.39

Amsterdam’s magnet fishermen got a royal lollipop.

In a safe under the canal, several passports, car keys and a Rolex box were found, belonging to a relative of the Swedish royal family, Tim Sommerlath.

“Is my Rolex still there?” Somerlath asks the treasure hunter.

In November this year, Australian magnetic fish influencer Lee Weber, 40, made the strange discovery.

Using a rope and a magnet, he was able to fish out the muddy safe from a Dutch canal.

Behind the lock, Belgian, German and Brazilian passports belonging to the same man were hidden. As well as car keys for Volkswagen and Land Rover.

Weber was able to find the owner of the safe and in a video on his YouTube channel called him. Then the tax collector asks:

-Are you related to the Swedish royal family?

“Is my Rolex still there?”

Tim Somerlath.

According to Aftonbladet newspaper information, the man on the other end of the phone is Tim de Toledo Sommerlath – grandson of Ralph Sommerlath, brother of Queen Silva.

In the safe, Weber also found several empty jewelry boxes. Among others from Cartier and the watch brand Rolex.

“Is my Rolex still there?” Somerlath asks in Weber’s video.

But then Weber shook his head.

Sommerlath then tells us that someone broke into his house in Belgium last year — and that the safe was stolen.

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But how it traveled all the way to the canal in Amsterdam remains unclear.

Court: Affects a private person

When Aftonbladet reached Hovet, they could not be reached via Webber’s video.

“We are not aware of the case in question. I can confirm that the person with the name you are referring to belongs to the family of Her Majesty the Queen,” Ulrika Nachholm, the court’s information secretary, wrote in an email to Aftonbladet newspaper.

She continues:

“When it comes to a private person outside the royal family the house has the royal family and the court does not mention any opportunity to leave any further comment.”