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Spain plagued by early heat: ‘Not normal’

Spain plagued by early heat: ‘Not normal’

The thermometer exceeded 40 degrees in several places in Spain, which has been exposed to temperatures more commonly found in midsummer than in early June. Orange warnings – the second highest – were issued in many of the country’s 17 regions.

The continuous heat wave is one of the three oldest recorded so far in Spain. It tightened its grip on the country on Saturday and has since led to temperatures up to 12 degrees above average for this time of year, according to Spain’s meteorological service Aemet.

abnormal temperatures

The early heat also comes on the heels of May, which was the warmest in Spain in 100 years.

– It’s a very unusual situation. Emmett’s spokesman, Ruben del Campo, told AFP that such temperatures are not normal in mid-June.

Climate change, fueled by the world’s dependence on fossil fuels, increases the likelihood of heat waves, researchers said. As global temperatures rise, they are expected to become more frequent, intense and sustainable, and have more pervasive effects.

Although extreme heat isn’t something unknown for June, the fact that heat waves have become five times more common in the 2000s, says Del Campo Reuters news agency.

Global warming suggests that Spanish summers start 20 to 40 days earlier than they did 50 years ago, according to Emmett. Last year was the driest and warmest in Spain so far, with a record temperature of 47.4 degrees in the province of Córdoba.

– Climate change is an absolute reality, says the head of the regional government in hard-hit Andalusia, according to Agence France-Presse.

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A little cooler weather is expected in Spain this weekend – but the warm air has instead moved north.

The French weather service Météo France warns of temperatures above 40 degrees, which is much warmer than it is usually during this time of year. The high temperatures are also expected to exacerbate the drought that is already threatening crops in many parts of France.

Italy and the UK are also reported to be preparing for warmer temperatures.