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Greenlanders sue Denmark for spiral coercion

Greenlanders sue Denmark for spiral coercion

At least 4,500 women and girls in Greenland were given IUDs between 1960 and 1991, in what is described as a Danish “IUD campaign” to reduce the island’s birth rate.

Many did not give their consent to this procedure, and in many cases their parents were not informed of this either.

In Greenland, this is described as a huge shock, and some describe it as genocide. In Denmark, this mistake was described as a well-intentioned mistake.

Old women

Last year, the countries agreed to launch an independent investigation to find out what happened. The investigation is expected to be completed in 2025, according to Danmarks Radio, DR.

But now 67 affected women from Greenland are demanding compensation from the Danish state. Many affected women are older and do not have time to wait for a lengthy investigation, which will only then decide whether there is a lawsuit or not. Naja Librath says Dr. She had an IUD fitted when she was 14, and is one of those who sued the state.

Reducing Danish costs

The purpose of the Danish “spiral campaign” was to limit the number of children in Greenland and thus reduce the Danish state’s costs for, among other things, kindergartens, schools and health care, according to Ritchau.

Danish Interior Minister Sophie Lohde says in a comment to DR.

– It is a very unfortunate situation, and the women’s stories leave a great impression on me. It is important that we get to the bottom of what happened and so the team conducts an independent investigation.