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Rejection at the Riksdag – no budget ready today

Rejection at the Riksdag – no budget ready today

The result in the Riksdag means that the revised budget is not ready yet.

However, the government announced that a new proposal for the revised budget will be submitted on Friday. It will include the government’s original budget, backed by a new pension agreement with the C, V and MP.

The government has hoped that the Swedish parliament will already be able to take a position on the proposal on Wednesday next week. This requires a short time to exercise, which is something they seem to get.

Then the budget will be voted on again. But how it turned out that it is up to the political savage Emine Kakapavi, who conditioned her support for the government’s proposal. She wants the government to pledge not to export arms to Turkey and to send more money to counter the persecution of honor.

M: Awesome by C

Moderates Economic Policy spokeswoman Elizabeth Svantesson opposes the Center Party’s vote to reject the opposition’s proposal.

– I think it is remarkable that the Center Party, the Social Democrats, the Left and the Green Party voted “No” to the budget we presented. More money for defense, police and weapons for Ukraine. The Center Party’s also rejection of the pension proposal, which they think is basically good, is wonderful, she says.

This photo is shared by Jacob Forsmid of the Christian Democrats. Now he wants to quickly reach the budget.

– I don’t think there is a reason to delay this process. Sweden needs a decision in place. I still hope our proposal wins.

Love (middle): chicken race

Center Party leader Annie Loew would have preferred that Parliament vote on the motion, which the party agreed with the government.

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“I, of course, wish we could vote on it already today, so that it would be a clear and distinct policy for the country’s retirees,” she says.

How do you see the possibility of exceeding the new revised budget?

– We’ll see when you vote for it. The entire presidency has been a chicken race with political savages who decide by one vote and we should stay away from that during the next term of office.

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Annie Love wants to see a broader collaboration: This whole term was a chicken race picture: Tom Carlson / SVT