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Suspect confesses: Killed, missing at Amazon

Suspect confesses: Killed, missing at Amazon

The head of the preliminary investigations, Eduardo Alexandre Fontes, said at a press conference in the city of Manaus, that the main suspect confessed late Tuesday evening. He is said to have described in detail what happened to British journalist Dom Phillips and Brazilian indigenous expert Bruno Pereira, who disappeared in the Amazon more than a week ago.

The man is said to have shot Phillips and Pereira, and on Wednesday led police to the place where he stated he had buried the bodies, an inaccessible area along the Itaquai River.

– We found the bodies three kilometers from the forest, says Guilherme Torres of the National Police, adding that they have not yet been identified.

The missing are said to have traveled by boat during a reportage trip for an upcoming book on environmental protection. Their boat has yet to be found, but according to Torres, it must have sunk with the help of bags of soil.

The duo disappeared in the Javari Valley on June 5. Loggers and miners both work in the area, and are said to have regularly threatened the Aboriginal expert as they try to gain access to lands belonging to the rainforest’s indigenous people. The motive behind the act is suspected to be related to poaching in the reserve.

The journalist, along with the indigenous expert, was subjected to field threats, according to two organizations working for the rights of indigenous peoples.