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Now we know for sure which ship the anchor came from in the sabotage investigation

The police investigation into the Balticconnector gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia has been ongoing for a month. The police announced that the technical investigation confirms the suspicion that the anchor that was recovered from the seabed belongs to the Newnew Polar Bear ship.

– Technical investigations are still ongoing, although the active investigation at the place where the damage was found has ended, says the head of criminal investigation. Risotto lohi In the press release of the Central Criminal Police.

Based on the anchor’s technical specifications, police were able to confirm that the anchor was the Nyonyo polar bear.

Traces of paint were also found on the anchor on the ruptured gas line. Authorities suspected it was serious damage when the Balticconnector ruptured. On the same night as the gas pipeline leak, data transmission cables between Finland and Estonia and Estonia and Sweden were also damaged. The incidents are suspected to be related.

Photo taken by the Finnish Border Guard of the polar bear Nyonio, whose anchor was recovered next to the ruptured gas pipeline Balticconnector.

The police state that the main lead in the investigation did not change even after the police received more data to be analysed. The focus remains on investigating Newnew Polar Bear’s role in what happened.

From Kaliningrad to St. Petersburg

The ship is sailing under the Chinese flag. The police have not yet published any information about any suspicions related to the nationality of the crew or the captain who was on board the ship the night the gas line was cut. The new Polar Bear was on its way from Kaliningrad to St. Petersburg when its anchor became disconnected from the gas line.

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