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Influencer: Gaza is a concentration camp

Influencer: Gaza is a concentration camp

Under the name “Lady Dahmer,” Natashja Bloomberg has been active in the feminist and postural movement on Instagram for years, where she has 70,000 followers.

And now it has entered the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

During the anniversary of Kristallnacht in 1938, when the Nazis murdered hundreds of Jews and sent tens of thousands to concentration camps, she wrote, among other things:

“Today we remember Kristallnacht. Today we also remember what can make people close their eyes to alienation, dehumanization and propaganda.

In response to one of the comments, she wrote:

“The only thing you add with your comment is that you justify genocide. It doesn’t matter what Hamas did or has done (which is understandable, on the gray scale you ask, when they are seventy-year-old children of the occupation who grew up in a concentration camp where Israel commits regular massacres), “There is nothing that justifies or mitigates the fact that Israel is committing genocide.”

She also wrote that one should not “speak against the Zionists” because they would be “easy on the eye.” She also uses the term “we should talk about this,” which is traditionally associated with a 1990s government campaign aimed at reporting the Holocaust.

“Holocaust relativity”

Anders Persson is a senior lecturer at Lund University and a researcher on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He read “Mrs. Dahmer’s” comments.

– The constant theme is extremely gross exaggerations. In many cases, I think they crossed the line of what could be considered anti-Semitism.

He says that not all statements are problematic, but he sees two issues:

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– Relativizing the Holocaust and portraying Israel as Nazism.

Mrs. Dahmer.

picture: Ollie Sporong

Anders Persson.

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Anders Persson continues:

– For example, calling Gaza a concentration camp. The humanitarian situation in Gaza is very difficult, but it cannot be compared to a concentration camp. If you use this term, you mean at least indirectly that Israel is Nazi. If she figured it out herself, I’d leave it unsaid, but that’s the way it’s perceived.

The influencer responded

Now Natasia Bloomberg develops her thinking in a text message to Expressen. It describes Israel as “a fascist state disguised as a democracy.”

“No, I do not consider the Holocaust to be relativistic. What is happening here is that the outside world and the media are relativizing what is happening in Gaza by describing the genocide being broadcast live as self-defense.

Not being able to compare what is happening in Gaza today to Nazi Germany is a low mark in talent.

You describe Gaza as a concentration camp, how do you think about that?

“I believe in calling a spade a spade.”

Regarding Anders Persson’s opinion that her statements are anti-Semitic, she answers:

“Accusations of anti-Semitism are a hegemonic tactic where you try to intimidate through silence and obedience and I disagree with that.”

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