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A disheveled thief took the family in on a robbery

A disheveled thief took the family in on a robbery

Night after night, CCTV cameras at the nursery in Lismore were able to pinpoint the culprit, who was sneaking around and eating the eucalyptus plants.

Claude, as he is called, has become a local celebrity around the city in northern New South Wales on Australia’s east coast. But now he can share the celebrity with two other koalas, according to reports 9 news.

– It seems that Claude had invited his young partner to this buffet, as owner Humphrey Herrington told the TV channel about the thief and his two friends.

Herrington says Claude’s adventures can bring fun, as in the Public Service Company ABC It is estimated that Claude’s break-in cost him tens of thousands of kroner. Even worse, he says, are the reasons behind koala behavior.

-His behavior is a symptom of a bigger problem. We urgently need more trees to feed koalas. Here the area was once well cleaned.

Trees grown in reserves are meant to be planted as an adaptation of the endangered national symbol.

WWF will now plant eucalyptus trees outside the nursery, so that Claude and his friends will not have to continue down the path of crime to survive.

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