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A fake presidential advisor made his way to India

A fake presidential advisor made his way to India

He has a verified Twitter account and has posted videos of “official visits” to the Kashmir region, where he is seen surrounded by armed guards. Kiran Patel was so convincing in his role as an adviser to Indian President Narendra Modi that politicians from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party followed suit.

On March 2, security forces arrested him during one of his visits to Kashmir, it was reported Press Trust of India, PTI. Now he is accused of fraud, identity theft and forgery.

He claimed to check out the hotels

The news agency PTI reported that Patel claimed, on one of his visits, that the government had asked him to find buyers for apple orchards in southern Kashmir. During another visit to the popular ski resort of Gulmarg, he claims that the government has sent him to investigate how to improve hotels in the area.

According to reports, Patel was given the highest level of security, given extra protection, and stayed in a five-star hotel during his “official” stay. According to documents of the court session held when Patel was taken into custody on Thursday, the police found fake ID cards.

According to the police report, Patel allegedly tried to secure “financial and material benefits” through his scam. It is not clear when there might be a trial in the case.

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