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It’s all clear for a nuclear reactor – 40,000 miles from Earth

It’s all clear for a nuclear reactor – 40,000 miles from Earth

It’s all clear for a nuclear reactor – 40,000 miles from Earth

A nuclear power reactor should be built on the moon.

The announcement comes from the British Space Agency, which has given Rolls-Royce the green light for the somewhat unlikely location, Sky News reports.

The company is getting £2.9m to build the reactor after spending £249,000 on a study to explore the possibilities, also funded by the British Space Agency.

“The Ultimate Laboratory”

The goal is to create a lunar base that will be able to serve as a home for astronauts, where they can work on science experiments.

Space exploration is the ultimate laboratory for many of the transformative technologies we need on Earth: from materials to robotics, nutrition and more, says UK Science Minister George Freeman.

Then it’s ready

The project is described as something that puts Britain in the driving seat in the world of research and is supported by, among others, the Universities of Oxford, Bangor, Sheffield and Brighton.

The reactor is scheduled to be completed in 2029.

Paul Butt, head of the British Space Agency, told Sky: “This innovative research by Rolls-Royce can lay the foundation for driving a continued human presence on the moon, while improving the wider UK space sector, creating jobs and generating further investment.” . News.

You want to stay on the moon for a long time

Engineers and scientists at Rolls-Royce are working on a program called Micro-Reactor, which aims to explore how nuclear power might one day support a full-time base on the moon.

– It is hoped that it will provide enough energy for life-sustaining communication and experiences, the British channel wrote.

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The work on the lunar base comes as it prepares to return to the moon for the first time in more than 50 years – which is between 356,000 and 406,700 kilometers from Earth’s surface, depending on the orbit.

twelve people

A total of 12 people, Americans alone, have walked on the moon. The last moon landing occurred at the end of 1972.

The first time was, you know, in 1969 when Neil Armstrong made history with his first steps and the famous words “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

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