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A famous actor was arrested after a statement about the protests in Iran

A famous actor was arrested after a statement about the protests in Iran

Alidoosti, who appeared, among other things, in the Oscar-winning film “The Salesman”, has been accused by Iranian authorities of spreading lies about the protests in the country. The arrest was said to have taken place after she posted a post on Instagram expressing her solidarity with a man executed in Iran, at the same time not showing “any documents consistent with her claim”.

Taraneh Alidoosti had earlier published a photo of her without a headscarf, holding a paper with the text “Woman, Life, Freedom”, which is the slogan used in the protests in the country.

Arresting a journalist’s lawyer

Protests have been going on in Iran since September, and were sparked after the killing of 22-year-old Mohseh Amini. Tens of thousands of people have been arrested during the nationwide protests, and a lawyer representing many of the journalists and activists imprisoned in Iran was recently arrested, according to Iran’s Ham Mihan newspaper.

Watch the clip below for a better look at the ongoing protests.

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More than 500 dead and nearly 20,000 arrested. Despite the regime’s violent response, the protesters refuse to give up. Can today’s protests lead to a new Iranian revolution? picture: Anthony Attache/EPA/Wahid Salemi/Associated Press
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