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Project at COP15: Rich countries should invest billions annually for biodiversity

Project at COP15: Rich countries should invest billions annually for biodiversity

The announcement came Sunday from the United Nations meeting on biodiversity in Montreal, Canada, where Romina Pourmokhtari (left) is one of hundreds of environment ministers involved in the negotiations.

According to the draft, rich countries should increase their contribution to poor countries to $20 billion annually in 2025, and then raise it to $30 billion (equivalent to approximately 312 billion kroner) annually in 2030, according to Agence France-Presse. .

According to the draft, countries must also commit to a goal of protecting at least 30 percent of the planet’s surface by 2030.

Current support for rich countries is estimated at about $10 billion annually, according to AFP.

A framework for biodiversity must be agreed upon

The aim of the diversity meeting is for countries to agree on a new biodiversity framework – to save the Earth’s ecosystem – with targets and a plan for how it will be funded and pursued.

A large number of recipient countries, including Brazil, India, Indonesia and many African countries, have previously called for aid equivalent to $100 billion annually until 2030.

For a draft agreement to become a reality, it must be signed by the countries behind the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, which is every country in the world except the United States, which is still in the meeting.

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