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A hotel guest awoke to a porter sucking his toes

A hotel guest awoke to a porter sucking his toes

On March 30, Peter Brennan was at a conference in Nashville, Tennessee, where he was staying at a hotel.

– I woke up because a man who worked at the hotel assaulted me, says Brennan.

The man who crept into the room and sucked Brennan’s fingers according to independent.

– I immediately jumped up and shouted “Who are you, why are you in my room, what are you doing?” I saw he was wearing a uniform with a name tag on it. Brennan says he spoke but didn’t give me meaningful answers.

The man turned out to be the hotel’s night porter David Neal, 52. Neil claimed he entered Brennan’s room because he smelled smoke. But no one else who was in the hotel at the time smelled smoke.

“I still have trouble sleeping.”

The police suspect that Neil managed to infiltrate the room by cloning a key card.

Brennan is suing both Neil and the Hilton Hotel chain. He hopes the hotel will change its security measures.

— they have to be very careful about who is allowed access to create additional key cards for any hotel room, says Brennan’s attorney Michael Fisher.

“The safety of our guests is our top priority and Hilton takes this type of incident very seriously,” hotel chain spokeswoman Michelle Myers said in a comment.

– I still have trouble sleeping. I suffer from PTSD and am seeing a therapist for this. Brennan says I don’t feel safe in my house anymore.

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