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A major victory for Trump and Biden during Super Tuesday in America

A major victory for Trump and Biden during Super Tuesday in America

Shortly after the first polls closed on the so-called Super Tuesday in the United States, former President Donald Trump was declared the winner of the Virginia primary, the Associated Press reported.

Overnight, Trump continued his winning streak to become the Republican Party's presidential nominee.

Also in Colorado, Arkansas, Texas, Massachusetts, Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Maine, he was declared the winner early, among others. CNN, According to preliminary results.

“It was a great night,” Trump said in a speech to cheering supporters.

Last chance for Hailey

During Super Tuesday, a third of delegates are at stake when voters in 16 states cast their ballots in the primaries.

Therefore, today's results constitute a strong indication of which candidates will compete for the Republican and Democratic parties, respectively, in the presidential elections scheduled for November 5.

Super Tuesday is being described as the last chance in the race for Trump's only rival, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Haley has previously won only one primary in the District of Columbia's Capital District. When the polls closed in twelve Super Tuesday states, only one had returned: Vermont.

Biden is superior

Joe Biden, who has no serious competitor on the Democratic side, has so far achieved victories in all voting states except the territory of American Samoa during the night battle, according to the Associated Press.

-Both candidates have clear weaknesses. This election campaign will be about discrediting each other, says Fouad Yousfi, SVT's US correspondent in Washington, DC.

To run for the presidency, a majority of 2,469 delegates is required.

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Results continue to come in early Wednesday morning.

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