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Details: Lucas Brathen makes an exciting return – for Brazil |  Alps

Details: Lucas Brathen makes an exciting return – for Brazil | Alps

Lukas Braathen's departure from the Alpine scene rocked Norway at the end of October last year.

The reason for the decision was due to a tainted quarrel between Clutches and the Norwegian Ski Federation. Braathen terminated with immediate effect.

-I was treated very disrespectfully. “For the first time in years, I feel free,” he said. VG then.

But now comes exciting news that Brathen is polishing his shoes and sharpening his skates once again – just five months after saying goodbye.

On Thursday, Brathen will hold a press conference with his sponsor partner Red Bull – where they will talk about future plans. According to several independent sources of TV2, the press conference will be about the return of Clutches and the change of national team to Brazil.

Clutches has a Brazilian mother and a Norwegian father. Therefore, the Norwegian has dual citizenship.

Sports Director: No comment

TV2 wrote that the Norwegian Ski Federation was positive about the change in the national team of Praathen.

But the Ski Association does not want to comment on the data published by the channel on Tuesday.

– We do not want to answer questions about Lucas until he holds a press conference on Thursday, says communications director Espen Graf.

Even Alpine Skiing's Sports Director, Klaus Rist, is reticent about the reputation surrounding the Clutches.

– At this moment I have no comment on that, says Ryste.

Brazilian Alpine coach Pedro Cavazzone told TV2 that Brathen had not been in contact with them, but there was nothing preventing him from competing for Brazil.

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– You must hand in your passport, explain your connection to the country and explain why you are applying to change nationality. He says there is a protocol that must be followed.

According to the FIS rules – the rules of the International Ski Federation, all necessary documents for changing the license must be submitted by May 1st at the latest.

Lucas Clutches has five World Cup victories and 12 podium finishes on his CV.