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A man is suspected of stalking a woman by plane for several years

A man is suspected of stalking a woman by plane for several years

An American man has been arraigned in Vermont where he is charged with several crimes, including aggravated stalking and providing false information to police.

The man is suspected of stalking a woman for four years, including repeatedly flying over her home and workplace. According to the woman, the man must have been a customer who visited the café where she worked. After he was there for soup one day, he suddenly started calling her and started sending pictures and emails.

The woman says: From there things must have escalated.

The woman said in June Times Union She and her family woke up at least three times a week to the sound of a plane flying over their house. According to the woman, he flew too close causing the windows and doors to shake.

At some point, the man reportedly threw tomatoes at her house from the plane, according to the woman’s testimony.

– It is a never-ending nightmare, the woman tells the Times Union.

The FBI is called – the man denies the charges.

Over the summer, a local court issued a restraining order and a temporary no-fly zone. But the man is now accused of breaching it, according to the indictment filed against him.

Reports say that over the summer, the FBI was brought in to investigate the allegations and share information with local authorities AP.

The accused denied all the charges against him and on Thursday requested another 24 hours to hire a lawyer and pursue the charges.

He was released under several conditions, including that he have no contact with the woman, not stalk her, and remain 300 feet from her home and work, as well as from any aircraft.

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– This is a misunderstanding. I have absolutely no interest in that woman. They accuse me of severe persecution. “I just love flying over the city and taking pictures for our community pages,” the man says. Pennington Banner She believes the woman is “very interested” in the incident.

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