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M/S Ejdern ran aground – is now afloat and will be examined at Lappo

M/S Ejdern ran aground – is now afloat and will be examined at Lappo

Published: Friday, October 6, 2023 – 8:48 pmUpdated: Saturday 7 October 2023 – 00:55

The ship M/S Ejdern ran aground near Torsholma Brändö on Friday evening. The ship is now afloat and will be inspected in Lapu accompanied by the Coast Guard.

It states Oscar Berndtsson On Nordic Jet Line. There are five passengers on board, three crew members and three passenger cars.

– Strong winds and weather caused this. We have canceled tomorrow’s tours. He says it was a conscious decision to go out despite the wind, but it increased sharply in a short period.

10:30 pm Berndtson stated that the ship is afloat and that the Coast Guard is now escorting it to Lapu.

There are rescuers on board and a boat on each side of the Ajdern River, powered by its own engine, says Berntsson, who adds that the ship does not appear to have any damage but will be examined by divers tomorrow.

It is also stated that the passengers and Mrs. S. Egdern will remain in Labo overnight and will be served food.

Information provided to Radio Åland claims that information provided to passengers was scarce.

– It is very important that the crew pays attention to safety. Everyone has their role and must also communicate with the marine patrol. It’s an emergency. But we regret that passengers were not able to obtain more information.

The article was updated at 22:55 with new information. The audio clip was recorded with Roger Housel earlier in the evening when the ship was still aground.