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A NASA rocket has passed a major wet test before flying to the Moon.  I failed a bit

A NASA rocket has passed a major wet test before flying to the Moon. I failed a bit

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Finally, the NASA Space Launch System (SLS) rocket has been designed and built for over a decade Passed an important test. Rehearsal “wet” (as NASA calls it), a test of filling tanks with fuel and oxidizer, was conducted at night (Poland time) Monday through Tuesday.

SLS rehearsal. Get started soon

The SLS rocket was laid down at the launch site at the John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida a few days ago. The first preparations for a simulated rocket launch began on Saturday, and on Monday NASA engineers examined the rocket and began filling the tanks with fuel.

During this process, not everything went according to plan. Inspectors noticed a harmless hydrogen leak near the cable connecting the service mast to the rocket core. An attempt was made to solve the problem by heating the loosened component and then cooling it, but this method failed. Interestingly, previous SLS experiments also demonstrated problems with the tightness of some components. As reported by NASA, it was to be disbanded.

Despite the leak (which usually stops the launch procedure automatically), NASA decided to continue the trial countdown. Subsequently, it was possible to complete the refueling of the rocket and proceed to the final countdown, during which several decisive actions were carried out. The same should be done before the actual launch of the missile. Fortunately, it was implemented without any problems.

a test Finally completed 29 seconds before the simulated missile launch. However, NASA has not revealed any additional details yet. Agency researchers must carefully analyze all data collected during this test. It is also possible that NASA will reveal the possible launch date of the rocket.

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Journey to the moon. When does Artemis 1 mission start?

It is still uncertain when the long-awaited SLS rocket will finally go into space. According to initial plans, the start will take place in July of this year. (Before that, the start was moved several times, includingin. for May of this year), but NASA researchers have already admitted that the deadline is unrealistic. as he remembers website, The earliest possible date is currently August 23.

As part of the first lunar mission (Artemis 1), the SLS will launch the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle capsule into space, which will enter lunar orbit for a few days and return to Earth. Many You will, of course, be unmanned. The astronauts will not fly into lunar orbit as part of Artemis 2 (in 2024), and will land on the Silver Globe as part of the Artemis 3 mission. However, that will not happen before 2025 or 2026.

You can read more about the Artemis program at