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A new chapter in the pie.  KP meeting with modified compound

A new chapter in the pie. KP meeting with modified compound

This Wednesday, the inaugural meeting of the Law and Justice Political Committee will be held in the new organization; According to BAP sources in the party, a meeting of the Pais Parliamentary League is scheduled for next week.

In early July, the Pais Congress was held, during which Jaroslaw Kokszyski was elected to another post as leader of the party. A new political council was also elected, which elected the new body of Bais political committee and party vice-presidents; The current committee is joined by Prime Minister Mathews Moraveki.

Who is elected to the Committee?

This is a continuation of the previous officers, but there are many new ones

– Rieszard Terlecki, president of the Pies Club, spoke about the new structure of the political committee.

For the current composition of the committee, among others were elected: the Prime Minister’s President, Mike Duorsik, Pice’s Deputy Representative, Radosva Fokiel, and MPs: Jonah Borovich, Barbara Bartuk, Marek Ast and Bartomij Vruplevsky. With the exception of Beta Saido, Joachim Brudziaski, Tomas Boraba and Carol Karski, some of the group members who have sat on it so far are not members of the group.

According to BAP sources, the first meeting of the new committee will be held next Wednesday.

This will be the inaugural technical meeting in which the practical rules of the committee will be adopted. A spokesman for party discipline, a press spokesman or a secretary for international affairs will also be elected. We have a new term of office from Congress, so those in these functions must be duly confirmed by the new body of the Political Bureau.

– A politician from the Pies leadership circle informed the BAP.

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Club meeting

According to BAP sources, the Biz Club’s long-distance session is scheduled for next week, with another end to Sezmin’s session recently; The previous one took place in Priscilla in mid-June, among other things dedicated to preparations for Congress.

During this meeting, there may be a summary of work on the date and mobilization for the new political season

– Evaluated BAP source.

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