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A pizza delivery man had a mummy in his bag in Peru

A pizza delivery man had a mummy in his bag in Peru

A pizza delivery guy screwed up at an archaeological site in Puno, Peru. He caught the attention of the police and was suspended. Then the shocking discovery was made.

Bodt’s bag wasn’t filled with food, but the remains of a human who lived between 600 and 800 years old. The man was carrying a mummy, according to reports BBC.

The man told the police that he shared his room with the mummy and saw her as a “spiritual friend of sorts”. He brought the mummy in his bag to show it off to his friends.

Juanita Belive Joan

The mummy “Juanita”, as the man calls her, has been living in a box next to the TV in the apartment. He said it actually belonged to his father. How it ended up in the father’s possession is unclear.

But the man seems to have misjudged the matter. “Juanita”, according to experts, is not a woman, but a man with a height of 151 centimeters who lived to the age of 45. Mummification was practiced by several cultures in what is now Peru, before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors on the continent. The corpse was bandaged in the fetal position, which was common for burials in the area at the time.

The mummy was confiscated by the police and handed over to the Peruvian Ministry of Culture, which is concerned with the country’s cultural heritage. The man and two of his friends were arrested and are now being investigated for “crimes against the cultural heritage of Peru”.

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