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Pearson: “People who don’t take education seriously will find it difficult.”

Pearson: “People who don’t take education seriously will find it difficult.”

Many school groups have invested heavily in growth and have been listed on the stock exchange in recent years, but now The government wants to reduce school fees. So far, the government has not announced how it will be reduced or how much school fees independent schools will receive. However, they have made it clear that they want to prevent owners from withdrawing profits for the first few years.

– We believe that money should be in school. Johan Persson says people should not start schools to make quick financial cuts.

“pathological system”

Nooshi Dadgostar (V) thinks it will not solve the underlying problem and wants to ban the withdrawal of profits in independent schools.

We have a sick and harmful school system in Sweden. That the school money be taken from the students instead of going to the students is what the system is about. This is why no other country has followed the Swedish model, she said.

According to Pearson, the government’s reorganization of charter schools will make it more difficult to distribute dividends if you do not have high quality and important support functions in the school and teaching.

– Other governments have said these words, but you have not reached the bottom of the basic benefit of profit. For these students, it is not important that the company makes a profit, that is, our money should be Go to waffle houses or an archipelago plot. As long as there are students who don’t pass the school, Noshi Dadjostar says, the resources have to go there.

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You should be able to get a refund

According to Johan Persson, the government wants to be able to recover money from the owners when it was found that the school’s operations did not meet the standard and more should be done to keep “fortune seekers” away from the school, but serious actors should be able to survive.

– Johan Persson says that people who do not take the educational task seriously will find it difficult and may have to stop their work.