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A player from Rogo about the value of the team before the final of the Polish Cup.  "We are confident, we can impose our style, this is our strength"

A player from Rogo about the value of the team before the final of the Polish Cup. “We are confident, we can impose our style, this is our strength”

Author: Cyphersport
Mateusz Wdowiak scored Raków’s victory over Wisła Kraków.

For Mateusz Wdowiak this will be the third final of the Polish Cup and a chance for a third consecutive trophy. He won first as Croatia’s footballer, second to Rakov, although he sits on the bench today, he has never played on the national field, counting on a performance from the start.

Super Express: Does playing in the final with Lech fighting for the championship make you extra emotional?

Mateusz Wdowiak: In fact, the teams fighting for the championship recently did not meet in the cup final. In addition, we are back with the final at the National Stadium, which makes for even more fun. It promises to be a great show by all means.

– So this is your first match at the National Stadium?

– Yes. So far I have been a fan of this ground. I think this will be an unforgettable event for many of the guys on the team. At the country’s largest stadium, this may be the most valuable game of the season. Everyone who has never played at the National Stadium will want to play. I have so many positive emotions, and I can’t wait for the game.

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– You won the last league against Lech in Poznań. Is this your psychological benefit before the final?

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– We know the strength of our team, we know our value and strength. Winning at Lech is not accidental, as it recently turned out that we can win a match that did not initially go well at Szczecin. We are optimistic in the positive sense of the word. No matter who we play with, we can impose our style, this is our strength.

– Does this confidence come from the fact that you have not lost in any league or cup matches this spring?

– There are many teams that are confident when they are leading a match, and they win because it’s a natural thing. But the trick is to trust yourself to succeed when something does not happen in your way, as in the case of Pokோன்mon in Schசssen, we were losing until the break. Then the role of the coach is important, but also the role of mutual support for the players. In moments like this we tell ourselves that we are a strong team and that you have to believe in victory until the very end and that the competition with Pogo confirmed it.

But trust is not everything, talents count …

– Of course. We have many individuals, but above all we are a collective. The structure of the game is in very good condition and some teams are able to maintain it until the end, when it falls at the end of the game. Regardless of the course of the competition, we are ready for any situation.

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Mathews Vodovic (Krakow) and his girlfriend Patrick after the Poland Cup final in Ljublin
Author: Instagram Patrycja A.
Mathews Vodovic (Krakow) and his girlfriend Patrick after the Poland Cup final in Ljublin

– You are lucky for the Polish Cup, because two years ago your goal was to decide on the victory of Croatia, in this edition you scored 3 goals …

– It’s true, in the speech, “I’m in a position” for the cup, because I shoot a little at it, and hope it will be in the finals as well.

– Maybe that’s why it “lied”, because your wife – before that your fiance – Patrick – was in the cup final at the stadium?

– Maybe it adds strength, though my wife was present at every game we played at home, but in reality she was at the stadium for the Cup final two years ago in Lublin. This season he won the quarter-final against Arca and won the league match with Lech in Bosnan. It will also be on the national ground.

– So we discovered the secret of winning matches. After the final two years ago, you took Patricia – and then of your choice – to Paris, where you proposed to her. Are there any plans during the win against Lech?

– For now, my game results are very important, and the time for personal projects will come after the season. It has changed a bit from the cup it was two years ago because the wedding is behind us and we have been married since last June.

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