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A ransomware has paralyzed the production line and attackers are already asking for ransom

Foxconn confirmed that the operations of one of its production plants in Mexico have stopped, after it was… Victim of a ransomware attack at the end of May.

according to Take CrunchOne of the factories in the country I was attacked by a cyber attackand the company’s cyber security team”Already working on a recovery planAccording to Jimmy Huang, a company spokesperson.

Specifically, the affected plant is Foxconn Baja California, located in Tijuana, which specializes in Medical devices, consumer electronics and industrial processes.

Despite the interruption in the production line, the company indicated that the factory already “back to normal“, y Production capacity adjustments will be made to compensate for the suspensionalthough the attack is estimated to have little impact on the group’s overall operations.

Threatening a deadline

Despite the confirmation, Foxconn did not report whether the attackers gained access to any data or who was responsible for it. However, the operators Lockpet He claimed responsibility for the attack, and they threatened to leak any data they were able to steal from the company, Unless a ransom is paid before 11 June. So far, there are no further details about this group’s demands or whether the company paid the ransom.

secondly Computer He indicated that it is possible that the negotiations are not over yet and the officials are waiting to reach an agreement with the company, although their requests will be “very big“, as such They focus their attacks on companies that can pay the ransom Larger.

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This is not the first time that Foxconn factories in Mexico have been attacked by ransomware. Already in November 2020 an event was recorded at its facilities in Ciudad Juárez, which was left as a balance Stolen files, deleted servers, encrypted file attack. This was the attack by the group DoppellPaymerWhereas, $34 million in Bitcoin has been demanded as ransom.