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A unique crocodile born in the zoo

Updated 12.34 | Published on 08.26

A female alligator was born partially without pigment at a zoo in Orlando, USA.

There were only seven in the world.

Now an eighth light pink crocodile with blue eyes has been born.

The extremely rare alligator cub was born at Gatorland, a wildlife park in Orlando, Florida.

It’s not just any albino, they always have red eyes.

This newborn beauty, a Mississippi alligator, has the genetic disease leucism. This means that pigment is missing in all or parts of the body.

Leuca crocodiles are also born in the wild, but rarely survive after birth due to health problems. In addition, they are easy prey for other predators due to their shiny skin.

Because crocodiles completely or partially lack pigment, they sunburn easily and cannot stay in the sun for any length of time. For them, the risk of exposure to sunlight and skin cancer is much higher than that of ordinary crocodiles Live sciences.

The newborn baby alligator in Orlando is said to be in good health anyway, and is currently 49 centimeters long and weighs just 96 grams, according to park representatives.

Her father also has the disease, not her mother, who carries the gene.

The rare crocodile also has a brother who was born at the same time, but he does not suffer from the disease.

Leuca crocodiles can change color over time, because they still have the pigmentation genes.