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Nearly 30 degrees warm in December

Nearly 30 degrees warm in December

He is a journalist and has covered Spain for SpanienSwedes since 1994.

It is believed that the sun and heat are strong reasons to move south, which is obvious.

– When we publish our news about the sun and the records, it gets more admiration than anything else. He says it’s as if people don’t know how serious it is.

On mainland Spain, the temperature has yet to exceed 30 degrees in the Christmas month of December, but on Tuesday Malaga recorded 29.9, a record high. The previous record for December was 29.4 degrees and was measured in 2010 in Grenada. Country.

Several days of warm air currents over the Iberian Peninsula are behind the peak heat. This is the third time this year that a new one-month heat record has been set in Spain, TT writes. This previously happened in April and October, both times in Cordoba.

Wine growers hit hard

The Spanish meteorological agency Aemet recorded 29.4 degrees at Malaga Airport, which is about 5 degrees higher than the previous record. Heat waves were like this “Much less likely without the climate change observed globally.”according to Emmett.

Among other things, Ola Josefsson talked about how the city’s port is preparing to be able to receive ships by water.

The number of tourists increases during the heat wave, which benefits hotels. But agriculture and daily life are challenged by the heat and water shortages that follow. About 200,000 people in Malaga province now have access to water for only half a day.

– For six consecutive years, rainfall has decreased. For wine growers in the region, it’s very difficult – you simply don’t get as much wine. Most farms are small, so they are vulnerable, says Ola Josefsson.

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“A little too hot”

He stated in the newspaper that pipelines are now being laid in the port so that ships can fill water tanks, while treatment plants are being prepared. Swedish magazine.

Ola Josefsson says that “migratory birds”, that is, Swedes who spend short periods on the sunny coast, enjoy the heat, but that is a tangible change for permanent residents.

-It was very hot last summer. A few nights when the temperature doesn’t drop below 32, it’s tough. “Of course you’re worried,” he says.

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