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AC Milan - Torino: Match and Report - Serie A.

AC Milan – Torino: Match and Report – Serie A.

Although Turin’s team has not been at its best this season, it has a place in the middle of the table, a certain place in the Polish delegation, and one can expect a good performance in San Siro. Were they fulfilled?

World Champion Experience

To answer the question above: Not really. With the restorative power of European football, Linetta came out on top, played 54 minutes, and once sent the most interesting but unused ball to Andrea Pelotti.

That’s it, our country’s representative Dennis Brad appeared on the pitch, and he did as much on the pitch as his club mates.

Not much … It was Milan who controlled the course of the match and took the most important step to victory – Oliver Giroud was impressed by his experience in the 14th minute and was assisted by Rod Cruncio.

The 2018 World Champion not only gave his team three points, but also promoted them to first place in Serie A. Current captain Napoli will play against Bologna on Thursday. To come back to the top of the league, he must win.

AC Milan – Torino 1: 0

Pramka: Oliver Giroud (14.)

Author: mb / TG

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