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Protest w Chartumie, źródło: Wikipedia, fot. Abbasher (CC BY-SA 4.0)

For the second day in a row, protests against the military coup are taking place. Up to 10 deaths –

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Sudan to protest the military’s return to power. Yesterday’s coup thwarted two years of efforts to build democracy in Sudan.

Sudanese army arrests PM Abdalla Hamdoka And several members of the interim government formed over two years with the civilian military, whose aim is to reform the political system and lead to free elections from next year.

However, as the country plunged into an unprecedented economic crisis, it erupted for months between civilians and the military. In September, Prime Minister Hamdok already announced the discovery of a plot in the military and arrests among officials, and in mid-October, supporters of the military regime staged a large demonstration in Khartoum during which they demanded … a plot.

The army finally seized power yesterday (October 25), but it faced immediate street protests from opponents of the military dictatorship that has ruled the country for 42 years under a former general. Omara al-BasiraUntil it is overthrown by a peaceful revolution in 2019.

Demonstrations throughout the night in Khartoum

Protests against the coup are taking place in all major cities, but most people are gathering in the capital, Khartoum, and in Omdurman, on the other side of the White Nile. Protesters were called to the streets by Prime Minister Hamdock before he was arrested and taken to an unknown location.

Mainly young people are participating in the struggles. In Khartoum itself, tens of thousands of them have been on the streets since yesterday. There are even barricades built by protesters in some places in the Sudanese capital.

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The army immediately declared a state of emergency across the country and banned people from gathering. The army and security forces have already opened fire on protesters in several places in Khartoum. This happened among other things when he tried to enter the vicinity of the Ministry of Defense.

The military confirms that it wants to “complete the democratization process.”

In all, at least 10 people have been killed and 140 injured since the crackdown on protests. Data on the matter were provided by a team of Sudanese doctors, however, who said there may have been more victims.

He is the head of the regime Gen. Abdel Fattah al-BurhanUntil then the head of the Military-Civil Sovereignty Council (joint body of presidential power) had announced the dissolution of both the Council and the government of Prime Minister Hamdok, but promised to complete the “democratization process of the country.”

However, many Sudanese do not believe the promises made in the televised speech because the military has so far rarely fulfilled its promises. This is why, after yesterday’s protests, thousands of people stayed on the streets all night, and today more and more people have joined them.

The nations of the world are demanding the release of detained politicians

The world has condemned the Sudan attack. Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres It has demanded the immediate release of the prime minister and other civilian politicians. “Constitutional principles must be fully respected to protect the process of political change. The UN is with the people of Sudan, ”he wrote on Twitter.

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The United States, Great Britain, Norway, as well as the European Union and the African Union, of which Sudan is a member, have condemned similar appeals and conspiracies. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs also called for “avoidance of force and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

“Poland follows with deep concern the reports of events that could break the record of peaceful change in the Republic of Sudan to date. We call on all parties and regional partners to make efforts to pursue peaceful change in line with the democratic aspirations of the Sudanese people,” the statement said.

The United States has already announced a $ 700 million cut in aid to Sudan. “We condemn the actions of the military and call for the immediate release of the prime minister and other detainees,” said a State Department spokesman. Kareen Jean-Pierre.