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Age of Empires IV: Hardware Requirements

Age of Empires IV: Hardware Requirements

For the first screening of Age of Empires IV, you can count hours, not days. Finally, the creators shared some important information and more video material.

Hardware requirements for Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires IV comes exclusively to PC (it will also serve the Xbox Game Pass from the day of its release). Relic Entertainment and World Edge representatives promise that not only the best, but also owners of medium and weak hardware configurations can be trusted to have fun. They also claim that they know that most players who use this title will use less graphics settings. What exactly do you need for this? Details can be found in the chart below.

Age of Empires IV comparing graphics settings

No wonder a big question immediately arises here. Do we really deal with anxiety for players with weak computers and are reluctant to change, or does the game seem bad? The creators claim that significant sections of the Age of Empires community are still playing earlier games in the series with weaker and integrated graphics cards on laptops or older desktops. So, they would only resort to this as a last resort. Self-promotion?

The first reviews that already appear on the internet show that the display system is not really interesting here. On the other hand, there are some voices that say we face a great tragedy. Before you want to check it out for yourself, below is a video showing the recorded gameplay pieces in Low and Ultra settings.

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Age of Empires IV Release Trailer

In this case, there will be no more delays. Work has been completed and Age of Empires IV is set to debut on October 28th. This is the latest and perhaps the last video content, i.e. confirmed by the premiere trailer.

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Source: Xbox, ElAnalistaDeBits