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Adriana Kalska poses with a pregnant belly.  "Such a situation".  The fans cheered

Adriana Kalska poses with a pregnant belly. “Such a situation”. The fans cheered

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Adriana Kalska and Mikolaj Rosnersky ended their three-year relationship at the end of 2021. According to a report in the weekly magazine “Ravia”, the actors do not have time due to the large amount of work they have to do. They stopped following each other on social media and talked less about each other.

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Mikholaj Rosnersky split with Kalska. What’s next in their series on “M jak miłość”?

The “queens of life” have come a long way. Old photos speak for themselves

Several months have passed since the split, and Adriana Kalska has yet to appear with any new men. A shocking photo has been posted on his Instagram.

Adriana Kalska poses with her pregnant belly

In a recent post, the actress appeared in a nightgown Bathroom. Clearly visible pregnancy curves attract attention. The former partner was expecting questions from fans because we can see the “Papierów na Lucky” profile on his stomach. It seems that the series called Martha is going to change significantly.

Such a situation – she joked.

Although the new photo of Adriana Kalska has become a joke, fans agreed that she looks beautiful in this edition. Others caught the actress’ sense of humor and decided to greet him.

Good good. Adush This stomach is fine.

You are beautiful, this belly fits you well.

Congratulations – the audience wrote in the comments.

Will Mikołaj Roznerski and Adriana Kalska ever come together again?

In mid-May, Miko³aj Roznerski and Adriana Kalska played in the play “Boing, Boing”. The actors performed a lot of romantic scenes, and Tomas Ozwiszinski, who attended the premiere, commented on the future of their relationship. He noted that life can go differently, so there is a shadow of hope that ex-partners will reunite.

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Adriana KalskaFinished Adriana Kalska poses without makeup. “Yes I am”