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Vow - This is going to happen this week in the aired episodes of the show

Vow – This is going to happen this week in the aired episodes of the show

In the upcoming chapters of the “Vow” series. Levant informs police that he was attacked by Kemal. Meldem becomes Kemal’s new partner. Dulai comes up with a new trick to get rid of Gulberi. Ergon was expelled from the Emir’s mansion. Check out what else happens this week and next week on the “The Oath” series (airing on TVP1 Monday through Friday at 4:05 pm). Posting abstracts in the gallery – go to photos to read.

Watch the video: Flavors of Gujavi and Pomerania – Season 4, Episode 20

Coming soon in the “Oath” series: Melik apologizes to Gulbery for betraying Ergon. Ahmed enters Gulberg’s room at night and tries to steal her again. He attacks Emir with a knife, but Emir just beats him and injures his thigh. Amir was arrested. Thule sends a murderer to jail to free Emir. What else will happen on the show?

Summaries of episodes aired in the last days of May and early June are included in the image titles in the gallery.:

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Currently, the new, fourth season of “The Oath” series is airing. The events unfold four years after the dramatic end of the third series. New characters appeared in the Turkish soap opera, while others left the series forever.

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