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The Hubert Herkos is sure to make a great improvement in the ATP rankings! Live up to the legend of tennis

Hubert Hargas is doing very well in Indian Wells this year. Wroclaw’s tennis player is currently competing in the quarterfinals with Gregor Dimitrov, who previously defeated Alexei Bobrin, Francis Diafo and Aslan Karachev in two sets respectively. Prior to the fight with the Russian Harkas, he advanced to 10th place in the virtual rankings, ahead of Roger Federer.

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The power of Polish tennis. Hubert Harkas and Ika Świątek have a passion, how much do they earn?

Hubert Harkas was elevated to the top 10 ATP rankings. The second pole in history with such an achievement

2021 is the best year for Hubert Harkas on tennis courts. The Pole started the tournament ranked 34th in the ATP World Rankings, and in the current calendar year he won three singles tournaments – particularly Delre Beach, Miami and the Mets. In addition, Hargas advanced to the Wimbledon semifinals, but lost to Matteo Beretini 3: 6, 0: 6, 7: 6, 4: 6. Along the way, the Vrogov citizen removed Daniel Medvedev and Roger Federer, respectively.

Regardless As a result Meetings with Grigor Dimitrov Harkas could enjoy his promotion to the top ten in the ATP rankings. Diego Swartzman’s promotion to Cameron Nori became a reality. The next potential contender for Hubert Harkas in Indian Wells is the British. At the same time, in 1977, Herkach surpassed the record of Wojciech Fifak, who was ranked 10th in the local rankings.

Hubert Hargas could improve his position in the rankings if he advances to the Indian Wells final. If Hargas wins the tournament in the United States, he will be in eighth place. In case of failure, the pole will be in the ninth position. Currently, Dominic Thiem is in eighth place, followed by Caspar Root.

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