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Runner-up Mary Cain sued coach and Nike. $ 20 million in damages for psychological abuse

Mary Kane was recognized as an outstanding talent in the middle distance run. The 17-year-old became the youngest American to be promoted to the World Senior Championships in Moscow. A year later, he won a gold medal at the World Junior Championships in the 3000 meters. Won the American Championship several times.

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The good results made Cain part of the Nike Oregon program, which brought together some of the best racers in the world. The players had the opportunity to train at the Nike facilities under the supervision of experienced coach Alberto Salazar.

Until 2016 the American was a runner coach. As he first announced in 2019, he was badly injured during training. He said American behavior led to harm to himself.

“Her buttocks and breasts are huge”

– I joined Nike because I always wanted to be the best player. Instead, he told the New York Times that I was emotionally and physically abused by an organization designed by Alberto and supported by Nike.

The case was filed Monday in the district Multnoma, Oregon. According to its content, the athlete was forced to stand on the sizes in the presence of other players, and the coach criticized her appearance.

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“Salazar said she was very fat and her buttocks and breasts were too big,” The Guardian quoted her as saying. According to the athlete, the coach constantly monitored what he was eating, forcing other runners to steal more protein rods.

Coach disqualification

Cain’s attorney, Kristen West McCall, told The Oregon that the coach had prevented his parents, including his father, from becoming a doctor. “Nike insulted Alberto’s body weight and neglected her health. This is a legitimate and pervasive issue. They did it for their own satisfaction and profit,” he added.

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Nike did not comment on the matter. Alberto Salazar has previously denied Coy’s allegations. – I never encouraged her, and worse, I never embarrassed her to keep her weight unhealthy, she said. His assistant Steve Magnes has a different opinion, repeatedly commenting on the weight of the American player.

During his career, Salazar coached with others four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah. In 2019, the coach was disqualified by his athletes for four years for doping. Nike Oregon project closed.

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