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Adma appeared in Bra!  Will he shake the scene?

Adma appeared in Bra! Will he shake the scene?

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Chełm rapper’s new clip debuted on the Internet. This time, with AdMa atutowy “Slash!” Joined in the new song.

Chełmno’s famous rapper, namely AdMa, is surprised again. New song called“Slash!”It’s promoting his new album!

Fans are delighted to have so many exciting comments below the video. “Flies well, strong lines, class advantage. During the break you can hear that it worked with flow, obstacles!” Not a concrete block. “- First Internet users commented.

Write “Brazil is more pleasing to the ear and eyes than the XD Propsik”, “You put it in the oven. Let it go”, “You’re so beautiful Adma” – among others.

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AdMa once again expresses my fascination

After the strong solo song “Ghostly Birthday”, the artist started with more “C”, not less! “Slash!” The new song is full of self-confidence, without reducing the words – it talks about the immoral plans addressed to her from the musical context.

It is the voice of a woman who is strong and knows what she wants. The preparation for the second year in a row for the Fryderyk @atutowy Award nominee perfectly emphasizes the nature of this work. In short – songs like this can be said to be female rap. Time for a sharp cut! Cut!

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