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Aerosmith cancels shows. Steven Tyler in Rehab – Polish Radio

In the past two days, Polish music fans have been forced to swallow the bitter pill twice in the form of information about the cancellation of concerts by American artists. Creation by Tori Amos and Aerosmith. The first news came from the acting organizers of the author of the hit “Cornflake Girl” which was to be sung on Katowice’s Spotek on February 17th.

“This is not the news each of us wanted to hear. Unfortunately, many promoters of the February and March Tory concerts across Europe told us that these shows had to be postponed due to local epidemic controls. We all believed that these restrictions, but not everywhere, and the health and safety of the team , And most important to all of you, “the artist’s representatives wrote in a statement.

Krakowski Spleen Aerosmith

In the case of Tori Amos we are only talking about changing the date of the concert (although it is not yet known when that will happen), the Polish fans of the Aerosmith group should reckon with the fact that they definitely missed the opportunity. See their statues on stage. The concert, which was originally scheduled for July 2020 at the Taron Arena in Krakow, has already been postponed twice, and unfortunately, it will not take place this summer either.

The musicians have canceled their entire European tour this year, and even though they wrote on social media: “We will announce some exciting news soon”, they will no longer approach us with concerts. All members of the band are in their seventies, except for guitarist Brad Whitford, and their rock and roll lifestyle has influenced their form. A few years ago, they were like “Aero-Versity Baby!” They organized a “farewell” tour under the slogan, during which they reached Crago in June 2017. Anyway, the Darren Arena has a great chance to go down in history as the venue for the last Polish aerosmith concert.

Tears do not help, aerosmith concert canceled in Poland; Source: YouTube / Aerosmith

Spring-summer harvest failure or spoil of bad news?

Given the difficult epidemic situation in our region of Europe, we can expect more news from the organizers of concerts of foreign stars in the future, especially from abroad. Therefore, ticket holders for Avril Lavigne’s concert in dź and ticket holders for the May concerts of One Republic and Korn in Torwar, Warsaw are concerned.

It is also uncertain whether we will get artists like Guns N ‘Rose, Kings of Lyon, Alicia Keys or Pearl Jam scheduled to play in June and July. With the participation of Coldplay, Rammstein and Iron Maiden and Sting and Ed Sheeran, major concerts are also planned at the PGE National Stadium over the summer. They are all European artists, which from a logistics point of view can give a little more hope that the shows will take place on scheduled dates.