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Fortuna 1 League: Playoff Arka Gdynia - Chrobry Gogov.  Live broadcast and results

Fortuna 1 League: Playoff Arka Gdynia – Chrobry Gogov. Live broadcast and results

In the second play-off pair, Arek, who is third after the main round, will compete with the sixth Brave. Gdynia seems to be the game’s favorite, but Głogów’s players have patented “Arkowców”. Live broadcast and results of the Arka Gdynia – Chrobry Głogów match on

The players, led by Ryszard Tarasiewicz, fought until the last for a direct promotion to PKO BP Extraklasa. In the end, however, they had to recognize the superiority of the Witchave Lords, which was a point ahead of them. Arca will play both the semifinals and possibly the final at their ground, which should be considered a major draw.

If one of the players of the “Yellow-Blue” leads his team to his dream victory, Hubert Adamczyk has a good chance. The attacking midfielder has scored 14 goals and 9 assists this season in Fortune 1 Liga. In the final round of the regular season, the players of the Pomeranian Voivodeship defeated Santoka Novi Sox 2: 1.

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At the same time Arca’s victory with Lester Poland’s team confirmed their bold participation in this year’s play – offs. However, Ivan Djurdjevich’s players did not want to see the results of other departments and in the last series they defeated Zagłębie Sosnowiec 4-0. Thus, the residents of Głogów will start the play-offs from the sixth place. During the season, players in orange and black jerseys beat Gdynia players twice without scoring! It was 2: 0 for Brave on the coast in August, resulting in a 1: 0 hit in Lower Silesia in November.

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Will the ark play its favorite role? Or will Crobry, with nothing to lose, become better than “Arkows” again?

Live broadcast of Arka Gdynia – Chrobry Głogów game from 20:45 on

Frank Dzieniecki, Polsat Sport

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