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Kitchen revolutions at the "Caverna Cafe" in Obol.  After the arrival of Magda Kessler, "Crunchy Colerabi Bistro" :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Kitchen revolutions at the “Caverna Cafe” in Obol. After the arrival of Magda Kessler, “Crunchy Colerabi Bistro” :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Another episode of “Kitchen Revolutions” is behind us! What happened at Opol? Hard work, better emotions and even more desire to change for the better. Magda Kessler enters the action. What happens after the program? Is the restaurant still running? We respond!

“Lots of companies, lunch, coffee, cake …”

Opol. It is one of the oldest cities in PolandSpouses Cassia and Daniel run in their place. They lived in Great Britain for seventeen years, And the flavors they had the opportunity to experience in the UK, they were transferred to the menu at “Caverna Cafe”. The owners were identified as his 42-year-old father, Mr. Bolslav supports. Seeing the daughter’s enthusiasm, he wanted to help. “I’ve dreamed of a small hotel all my life. I come from a family where my father ran a business. He also developed some ambitions in me,” explains Kasia. The plan seemed simple: “We rent 100m2 here, a modern building, lots of companies, lunch, coffee, cake …” – we ask in the chapter. But, that place is vacant. Magda Kessler comes to the rescue:

British Cafe at the intersection in Obol. Who came up with such a crazy idea?

“It’s time for Cassia and Daniel to get back to their roots.”

The make-up, she admits, is “very nice”. However, there were some drawbacks to that You have to work. Kitchen Revolutions Time to get started. “It’s time for Cassia and Daniel to get back to their roots,” says one restaurant known throughout Poland. “Caverna Cafe” becomes a place called “Chrupiąca Kalarepa Bistro”. Guests’ plates include the following: Oberiba, Magda Kessler’s variant of kohrabi soup, duck belmeni, dried apples in butter, organic pork neck roast and Jerusalem artichoke puree.

Decoration? I will not destroy this decoration, so we will add everything that comes from our land, i.e. Kohrabi, will rule here. Colors will be: white, light green and some folk tales from the local land opal – Adds flavor and style to the creator.

Vegetables, traditional opal method and Wealth of local heritage – In “Crunchy Kohlrabi” it should be romantic, comfortable and elegant. “It’s time to introduce the first guests in a great mood” – the author emphasizes.

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What happens after the program?

The official dinner ends, and the host of “Kitchen Revolutions” insists: “Kasia was today The real heroine, She fought like a lion and it was delicious ”. He returns to campus three weeks later. The 42-year-old owner agrees There are many more customers. Taste time …

This is great for those who do not have a professional cook. Delicious belmeni and pork neck. You’re really going in the right direction, a good home restaurant. You can.

… and Judgment:

Well, in “Crunchy Collie” it’s like crisp paradise.

The restaurant still seems to be operating Its average rating based on 51 reviews Goes back to Google 4,5 Stars.

Anna Stormach, Michael Moran and Magda Kessler are back together! Everything is clear!

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