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PKO BP Extras: Cracovia – Warta Poznań. Direct coverage and results

In the 11th round, PKO BP will play against Ekstraklasa Cracovia Varta Poznań. Will the team from the capital of Greater Poland Voivodeship achieve their second win this season? Live broadcast and results of the Krakowia – Warda Bosna match on

The players from Krakow could not find a consistent pattern in the current league campaign. They won three matches and lost the same amount, while they had to settle for one point in four clashes. As a result, the “belts” are now in the middle of the table. In their last game, the Krakow players joined Stall Milek.

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Ward cannot count on the start of a new season to be a success. Piotr Dvoெk’s players won only in the game against Kournik Axana. The rest of their conflicts ended in defeat or a draw. Club fans from Poznań hope their favorites will win full points in the next match.

Krakw’s last match ended with the team’s defeat from Krakw to Wardha.

Live broadcast and results of the Krakowia – Warda Bosna match on 15:00 onwards.

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