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Carolina Bizarek starred in '365 Days: Ten Digin'.  Fans: Best Character in a Movie

Carolina Bizarek starred in ‘365 Days: Ten Digin’. Fans: Best Character in a Movie

Carolina Bisarek – The beginning of an acting career

On April 27, the first screening of the film “365 Days: This Day” by Blanca Lipinska took place. Model Carolina Bizarek, who is participating for the first time in this type of project, appeared at the event. This is his acting debut, which he wrote about on Instagram.

I wholeheartedly thank Blanca Lipinska and the entire production for their involvement in such a great international production. Thank you for welcoming me to your family and for supporting me in my early days. Great situation, a wonderful experience and a dream come true!

Bizarre also asked what the fans think about Amelia’s character. There was a lot of praise in the comments.

Mega is your introduction. That character was very suitable for you and you were beautiful.

Congratulations. After reading the book, I wondered who would play Amelia. And here’s a nice surprise.

Best character in a movie. Warm, natural, sweet. And excellent English!

Interesting “look” of the rising star

The writers were dressed in light pink, short feathers with feathers, lined up by the mesh. Thus, the model exposed her legs. In addition, she wore a white jacket and Heel A sharp tip and top ribbon. She insisted a little, the whole evening Pie With ornamental cubic zirconia. You can find a similar one at for PLN 119.99. What do you think about creating a celebrity?

Are you already after the first show of the new product? What is your opinion about Fr? The movie “365 Days: This Day” and Bizarre’s Acting Game? Will a celebrity acting debut mark the end of her career in modeling?

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